Video Marketing

Video is the leading online advertising medium. Video Marketing, lets you capture audience attention, share unique content, and gather valuable usage analytics. At Mediatop Advertising, we can promote your business effectively through creative video content and powerful full-scale video ad campaigns.

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Original Script

After studying your business needs and your target audience’s desires, we put our heads together to come up with the most imaginative and engaging script for your video ad. 

Our corporate videos skillfully combine information with entertainment to stir your audience’s interest and offer them the highest possible value.

Professional Shooting & Editing

We shoot and edit your videos with state-of-the-art equipment to secure professional quality and an excellent blend of sound, image, and movement.

Our corporate videos combine engaging content, aesthetic excellence, and unique artistic value to captivate your audience’s hearts and minds.

Video Promotion

After researching your industry and competition thoroughly, we carefully choose the best digital distribution channels (social media, email campaigns, etc.) for publishing your videos. We devise and implement the appropriate publicity strategy to make your videos go viral and stand out in the digital media landscape

Video Optimization

Video Optimization is integral to every successful video campaign as it determines its ranking on search engines and social media (primarily YouTube). We apply every available video-related SEO technique (metadata, keywords, thumbnails, video sitemaps, etc.) and optimize your videos to adapt smoothly to all mobile environments.

Video Analytics

We use all the available video analytics to collect useful information on recurring customer behavior and their preferences and estimate the impact of your video campaign.

Our conclusions are used to optimize your current and future campaigns and maintain a strong bond between your videos and your brand.

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