Social Media Marketing

A strong social media presence is not a luxury but a strategic move. Social Media Marketing captures consumer attention and lets you interact and build trusting relationships with your customers. At Mediatop Advertising, we use effective social media marketing to make your professional social media presence consistent and appealing.

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Social Media Strategy

Establishing clear goals is integral to every successful Social Media Marketing Strategy. After analyzing your target market and your competitors’ social media presence, we devise a strategy that supports your set goals.

We pick the right social networks and design the appropriate promotional actions to achieve maximum visibility for your brand.

Social Media Profiles

We set up your professional pages in your audience’s preferred social networks and make your social media profiles match your brand identity

We make sure that your public image and published content call attention to your brand, increase your brand awareness and stir interest among potential customers.

Social Media Posts & Contests

We manage your social media accounts and post well-timed content that’s smart, interesting, well-researched, and fits your corporate profile. We publish captivating social posts, reply to positive or negative reviews, provide quick answers to user queries, and run exciting contests to build up your visit and engagement rates.

Social Media Ad Campaigns

We carry out well-designed social media ad campaigns that generate buzz and lead to multiple user clicks and likes. We enhance your campaigns with the most inspired and creative content and copy. We use advanced tools and proven practices (split testing, etc.) to evaluate the results and determine which ads serve your business goals best.

Do You Want To Boost Your Business?

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