Mobile Marketing

Mobile devices are an integral part of today’s consumer experience. Mobile Marketing is how businesses connect with potential customers and generate leads within various types of mobile environments. At Mediatop Advertising, we can meet all your particular business demands with leading-edge mobile marketing tactics.

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Mobile-Friendly Websites

We design websites and e-shops that fully adapt to mobile environments. We can either design a mobile version of your existing website/e-shop or redesign everything as mobile-friendly from the ground up. 

We use the latest design and development techniques and any e-commerce functionality available for mobile devices.

Mobile Apps Development

We create well-designed functional mobile applications that serve your every business need. We develop custom applications for every modern platform to offer your customers a flawless and fascinating user experience. 

We publish and distribute your apps, and use targeted messaging to promote them across your audience.

SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing is the most direct way to publicize your products and services. We deliver timely, valuable, and exclusive content to your customers to build up your credibility while saving you time and money. We apply the right combination of massive and personalized messaging to reinforce your customer relations and boost your actual sales.


We develop state-of-the-art chatbots to enable direct interactive communication with your customers. We use advanced AI techniques to share content with your audience through popular apps (e.g., Viber, Messenger, etc.), answer your website visitor’s questions automatically, and offer them non-stop support while browsing or shopping.

Mobile Ads Campaigns

.Our Mobile Ad Campaigns include all types of mobile advertising (click-to-download, click-to-call, banners, push notifications, etc.). 

We set the campaign goals, profile your target audience and devise promotional strategies (media, duration, budget, etc.). We conduct performance tests, implement your campaign, and evaluate the outcome.

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